Paradise Seeds

Paradise Seeds AmsterdamAfter a number of years of cultivating and experimenting with many different marijuana strains, Paradise Seeds was set up in 1994.paradise seeds logo

Paradise Seeds’ mission was to introduce better strains into the Amsterdam coffee shop scene since much of what was imported at that time was of poor quality.

paradise seeds sales staffThey did all the early research for better quality cannabis strains in Amsterdam and other locations in the Netherlands. The purpose was to create better cannabis strains and better smoking weed with great taste and stronger highs.

A number of new and exciting hybrid strains were created and the cannabis seeds were grown to produce stable strains.

paradise seeds nebulaIn a short time, Paradise Seeds cannabis developed the name for some of the best marijuana in the world. The seed were distributed around the world to be grown for personal use and found their way back into the Amsterdam coffee-shop circuit.

paradise seeds sheherazadeDemand for these cannabis seeds increased and as a result Paradise Seeds was established to satisfy that demand. By 1999 Paradise Seeds was recognised as a world leader in developing high grade marijuana strains and over the past 10 years have won more cups and awards than any other cannabis seed bank.

paradise seeds dutch dragonParadise Seeds guards the purity and quality of its cannabis seeds stock with great diligence. Continued monitoring and testing results in the continuation of some of the tastiest, most potent, predictable and robust marijuana strains available anywhere.

The seeds are grown organically and continually tested for vitality ensuring that the purchaser of any strain of Paradise Seeds is getting a quality product that delivers the goods.

Each packet containing 10 marijuana seeds comes with all the information you need to ensure optimum growth, flowering and harvesting.