Atomical Haze Feminised Seeds

atomical haze feminised seedsHaze is the traditional ‘Reggae herb’ originally sourced from Jamaica. Atomical Haze is Paradise Seeds version – Haze on steroids!

Similar to Delahaze, Atomical Haze retains more of the traditional Haze characteristics while retaining a shorter flowering cycle suitable for outdoor growing up north (9 weeks) and short enough (under 100 cm) for indoor growing.

Atomical Haze has been developed from a number of classic strains from Mexico, Columbia and Thailand as well as a classic Sativa from India and an Indica source from Afghanistan.

The result is a fast growing vigorous strain that produces large Sativa buds throughout its extensive network of branches with that sweet Sativa aroma.

Expect 500+ grams of this super bud per plant when grown in optimal conditions.

When smoked, Atomical Haze imparts a clear, energetic high like the best of Sativas – not a relaxing herb to smoke before bedtime ;).

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