Auto Collection Pack #2

paradise seeds auto collection pack #2Paradise Seeds Auto Collection Pack #1 contains six seeds from three of their top autofem strains:

2 x Auto Acid

2 x Pandora

2 x Automaria II

These three autoflowering feminised strains are not only among Paradise Seeds super-performers but also have compatible growing characteristics so you should be able to grow them together without problems.

Each grows to up a metre tall indoors (maybe a bit taller outdoors) and is ready to harvest in 60-75 days (9-11 weeks).

Auto Acid is a reliable plant, growing in any set-up, Pandora’s a high-yielder, producing generous long resinous buds, while Automaria II was also bred to be a high-yielder in indoor environments, although she’ll do well outdoors in the south.

As for the highs, well these three autofems will take you on a ride. Auto Acid is Paradise Seeds‘ take on diesel with a gently hallucinogenic high while Automaria II gives you a sativa-fuelled psychoactive “high as a kite” trip. And for more of a body buzz, Pandora is pure indica – smooth and relaxing with powerful medical properties.

Paradise Seeds Auto Collection Pack #2 packs more of a punch than Auto Collection Pack #1 in some ways, which hosts autofems with a gentler push.

Whether you’re new to growing, or growing automatics, or just want a bit of variety in your growing, Auto Collection pack #2 of autoflowering feminised seeds should tick your boxes.

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