Auto Whiteberry Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

autofem whiteberryAutofem Whiteberry from Paradise Seeds has all the sweet berry flavour and dense resinous buds of her mother, but flowers automatically, allowing you several crops per season in warmer latitude, and a good crop even in northern shorter summers.

An indica dominant hybrid, Auto Whiteberry is a fairly compact plant, growing little over 75cm tall -great for guerilla or balcony growers, or anyone who wants to maximise their space.

And Autofem Whiteberry is fast – ready to harvest in 63 days (9 weeks) for indoor growers, or a couple of days longer outdoors.

Buds are dense and heavily resinous, and the Auto Whiteberry harvest is pretty generous – 350g per sq. metre indoors, or 50g per plant outdoors.

Auto Whiteberry has a rich, sweet berry flavour, and medium levels of THC and CBD mean it’s a pleasant ride, giving you a good, relaxing stone.

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