Autofem Seeds

Paradise autoflowering feminized seeds

Paradise autofem seeds are perfect if you’re growing in small spaces or doing guerilla growing outside.

Paradise autofem seeds are also a good choice if you’re growing outdoors in northern climates as they’ll produce plenty powerful bud even in a short summer season.

And of course, if you’re growing Paradise autoflower seeds indoors, you can get multiple delicious harvests.

Paradise autoflowering strains have been carefully bred for taste and vigour.

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paradise autofem seeds auto acid

Auto Acid

auto jack paradise autofem seeds

Auto Jack

auto wappa paradise autoflowering feminised seeds

Auto Wappa

auto whiteberry feminised seeds

Auto Whiteberry

automaria II feminised seeds

Automaria II

pandora autoflowering feminised seeds


vertigo autoflowering feminised seeds





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