Automaria Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

automaria autoflowering feminised paradise seedsAutomaria is a vigorous and top-performing F1 Indica-dominant hybrid.

Developing flowers within 2 to 3 weeks after germination, this strain produces up to 120 grams of tasty bud to harvest within 70 days.

Automaria develops a hash-like smell and taste producing a classical Indica stone – smooth and relaxing – the perfect chill out weed.

With THC content of 9 to 12%, the effect of Automaria comes in slow and smooth to start but can creep up on you.

A great relaxing body-buzz without making you comatose like similar medicinal marijuana strains with a higher THC / CBD content.



NOTE: Automaria autoflowering feminised seeds are currently out of stock but Automaria II autofeminised seeds are now more popular and are most definitely in stock.

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