Durga Mata Feminised Seeds

durga mata feminised seedsDurga Mata is a tough and resilient marijuana strain from Paradise Seeds that is resistant to pests and mould and makes a great choice for either growing indoors or outdoors by inexperienced growers.

A potent high yielding strain, Durga Mata delivers 500 grams plus of sweet smoking bud with a THC content of 16% to 20%.

This strain is particularly known for its high resin content and production.

Being in Indica dominant hybrid, the effects of smoking Durga Mata is a deeply relaxing, almost narcotic body buzz perfect for chilling out.

Durga Mata makes an excellent medical marijuana. The medicinal qualities of this strain have been noted – particularly its long lasting effects.

The taste of the weed is fruity with a herbal and spicy aroma.

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For a medical version of Durga Mata, see Durga Mata II CBD


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