Durga Mata II CBD Feminised Seeds

durga mata II cbd feminised seedsDurga Mata II CBD  has been developed by Paradise Seeds as a powerful medical marijuana strain.

Durga Mata II CBD feminised has been bred from Paradise Seeds’ Durga Mata feminised strain which was already popular with medical users for its warm relaxing indica stone.

Another reason they chose to develop Durga Mata further was that it’s an reliable strain, easy to grow, so suitable for medical cannabis users who may be new to growing their own medicine.

Like Durga Mata, Durga Mata II CBD grows well indoors, particularly in Sea of Green (SoG) set-ups, though it will do well outdoors even in northern Europe (including the UK) as it’s quite hardy and pest-resistant.

Durga Mata II CBD will develop a hard resinous buds with an exotic “Turkish Delight” fragrance, ready to harvest in about 58 days (just 8-9 weeks). It’s a high-yielder too, so all in all a good bang for your buck.

As for its effects when smoked or vaped, Durga Mata II CBD really is ideal for medicinal use. It’s high CBD (Cannabidiol) content of 8.5% means it has powerful pain-relieving and relaxing qualities yet without a strong ‘high’: its THC content is low at 7% and the CBD also counteracts the effect of the THC so this is more one for your body than your mind.

Paradise Seeds say that Durga Mata II Feminised has many healing properties so definitely one to try if you’re a medical user. Otherwise you may prefer the original Durga Mata feminised strain.

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