Dutch Dragon Feminised Seeds

dutch dragon feminised seedsA popular breed by Paradise Seeds, Dutch Dragon was developed by crossing African-origin plants with Dutch strains to get a stable reliable high-yielding plant.

A tall plant of fine Sativa quality, Dutch Dragon has superb yields from long sticky colas. The aroma is very fruity and sweet, as is the taste.

The buzz is a lasting high that increases one’s appetite for music and pleasure.

Dutch Dragon performs best in warm climates growing into a tall plant with smallish fan-shaped leaves. This strain can be started early because Dutch Dragon is a quick growing plant with a height typical of great Sativas.

If growing indoors and height is a concern flower-forcing early is the best solution. Hint: the pH should always be kept below 6.

Though a quick starter, Dutch Dragon takes 9 to 10 weeks to develop big, fully matured buds. When grown outside, mid-October is favourable for harvesting this strain which can get as tall as 9 feet!!

A high THC content of 16% – 20% and a soaring Sativa high and tasty smoke, Dutch Dragon is a top strain of the Paradise Seeds bank and has become a favourite for those who like big, bountiful harvests of killer weed :-).

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