Feminized Seeds

Paradise Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Paradise Seeds guarantee their feminized strains are stable, resinous and potent. So you can be sure each Paradise feminized seed will grow into a female cannabis plant and produce plenty of the powerful resinous bud you’re looking for.

Paradise feminized seeds also produce a broad range of plants, with different ranges of CBD to THC ratios – something for everyone.

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acid feminised seeds


Allkush (formerly Sheherazade) feminised seeds


atomical haze feminised seeds

Atomical Haze

belladonna feminised seeds

Bella Donna

delahaze feminised seeds


durga mata feminised seeds

Durga Mata

durga mata II cbd feminised seeds

Durga Mata II CBD

dutch dragon feminised seeds

Dutch Dragon

ice cream feminised seeds

Ice Cream

jacky white feminised seeds

Jacky White

lucid bolt feminised seeds

Lucid Bolt

nebula feminised seeds


nebula II cbd feminised seeds

Nebula II CBD

opium feminised seeds


original cheese ibl feminised seeds

Original Cheese

original white widow (ibl) feminised seeds

Original White Widow

sensi star feminised seeds

Sensi Star

spoetnik#1 feminised seeds

Spoetnik #1

sweet purple feminised seeds

Sweet Purple

wappa feminised seeds


white berry feminised seeds

White Berry

Legal Disclaimer: Buying feminized seeds from Paradise Seeds is legal in most countries with few restrictions. Cannabis growing is tolerated in some states provided it is for personal enjoyment. Some states support laws prohibiting the cultivation of cannabis unless licences are acquired prior to germination.

Other countries enforce very restrictive laws that tries to prevent any of its citizens from growing Paradise feminized seeds or any other types of THC-bearing marijuana for any purpose.

Paradise Seeds bank does not pretend to be specialized in marijuana legislation around the world. If you have concerns regarding regulations concerning cannabis cultivation where you live we suggest you get in touch with the local authorities for interpretation.

Paradise Seeds bank do not endorse in any way the flaunting of laws. Paradise Seeds provide a law-abiding business informing people about the qualities of various top-grade marijuana types and offer purchase of Paradise feminized marijuana seeds and other marijuana seeds to all people legally entitled to purchase cannabis seeds. 

The same disclaimer stated above applies to the all free cannabis seeds as well as your purchase of Paradise feminized seeds or other marijuana seed varieties sold by Paradise Seeds bank.

Also note that Paradise Seeds do not collect, store, or share any information that could disclose you when you come to this website or make a purchase of Paradise feminized cannabis seeds or any other cannabis seeds from Paradise Seeds of Amsterdam.