Jacky White Feminised Seeds

jacky white feminised seedsJacky White is a prize Sativa-dominant stable hybrid known for its potent but pleasant weed, predictable rapid growth and its large yields.

Grown indoors, Jacky White can deliver 600+ grams per sq metre of growing space of great smoking bud.

With a THC content of 15 % to 18% this is not a weed to be taken lightly but smoked with some restraint.

Although the effect is largely a cerebral soaring high most appreciated by artistic folk, it is balanced by a subtle but balancing Indica relaxing body buzz. The effects can last a long time.

Outdoors Jacky White can grow considerably large delivering awesome yields. It’s a strain that benefits from some pruning growing dense compact buds that literally shine with resin. The smell has been likened to a citrus aroma wit a fruity taste when smoked.

The flowering period lasts for around 8 to 9 weeks. Its a strain that likes a lot of light so growing outdoors is only advised for areas where there are long and sunny summers. Recommended for greenhouse growing, Jacky White feminised marijuana seeds make an excellent choice for an indoor crop anywhere.

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