Lucid Bolt Feminised Seeds

lucid bolt feminised seedsLucid Bolt is a fine new hybrid developed by Paradise seeds with characteristics that will be appreciated by many.

It’s Indica-dominant resulting in large and dense buds that are high in resin and sticky to touch.

THC content weighs in at 15% to 18% so this stuff has to be smoked with reserve ;). The high is relaxing, as one would expect given the Indica genes, yet clear and uplifting due to the Sativa influence. “Strength and clarity”, say Paradise Seeds.

Lucid Bolt has been noted for treating symptoms of depression as it make an excellent mood enhancer and has been taken up by both medical and recreational users.

Lucid Bolt has a reasonable flowering cycle of 8 to 9 weeks. When growing indoors, some suggest to start its flowering cycle soon after it starts growing (in other words, keep its light cycle to no more than 12 hours every 24 hours) in order to keep its size manageable.

Even at this reduced size management, Lucid Bolt is can deliver a generous bounty of 450+ grams per plant.

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