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Paradise Seeds Medical Cannabis

Paradise Seeds have bred two new strains specifically for medical marijuana use: Durga Mata II CBD and Nebula II CBD. Both of these have very high CBD (cannabidiol) content and fairly low THC content to ensure you get the medical benefits without getting too high.

Several other Paradise Seeds strains can also be used medicinally. White Widow, for example, due to its potency and high THC content, is known to be good for pain relief and for reducing anxiety and stress.

Opium and Acid have also been recommended by Paradise Seeds users as good medical cannabis strains.

durga mata II cbd feminised seeds

Durga Mata II CBD

nebula II cbd feminised seeds

Nebula II CBD

original white widow (ibl) feminised seeds

Original White Widow

opium feminised seeds


acid feminised seeds



Buying medical cannabis seeds from Paradise Seeds bank is legal in most countries with few

restrictions. Cannabis growing is tolerated in some countries as long as the harvest is solely for personal use.

A number of jurisdictions support legislation prohibiting the growing of cannabis unless permits are obtained prior to germination. Yet other states have very restrictive legislation that tries to stop people from cultivating medical marijuana seeds or alternative types of psychoactive marijuana for any purpose whatsoever.

We do not claim to be specialized in cannabis laws around the world. If you have doubts regarding legislation regarding cannabis growing where you live you might want to get in touch with the appropriate authorities for interpretation.

Paradise Seeds Amsterdam cannot support in any way the transgression of laws. Paradise Seeds bank provide a law-abiding business enlightening people regarding the characteristics of various top-grade marijuana types and offer access to medical cannabis seeds and other cannabis seeds to all people legitimately entitled to purchase cannabis seeds. 

The same disclaimer detailed above applies to the any free cannabis seeds as well as your purchase of medicinal cannabis seeds or other cannabis seed varieties sold by Paradise Seeds Amsterdam.

Note too that Paradise Seeds of Amsterdam do not collect, store, or share any data that could disclose you when you visit this website or make a purchase of medical cannabis seeds or any other cannabis seeds from Paradise Seeds bank.