Nebula Feminised Seeds

nebula feminised seedsNebula is a specialist breed of Paradise Seeds named for its stellar qualities.

Nebula marijuana makes excellent strain for indoor farming where the plants perform with impressive results.

It is mainly a Sativa strain, with Indica influencing the density and size of its buds.

Nebula produces massive buds with a high THC content of 16% to 20%. The final crop can weigh as much as 450+ grams of fine smoking material producing a happy cerebral high like the best Sativas.

Known for its sweet smell and mellow taste, the effect of Nebula is sometimes described and almost psychedelic :-).

Although primarily grown indoors, with its 9 week flowering period, Nebula cannabis seeds have been sown outside in temperate climates such as Holland with good results – provided you get ’em in early enough.

You might consider starting them indoors or a greenhouse if planning to grow outdoors in a temperate climate like northern Europe.

NOTE: Paradise Seeds make Nebula cannabis seeds available in both regular and feminised forms, though just feminised seeds are available right now.

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For a medical version of Nebula, see Nebula II CBD feminised seeds


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