Nebula II CBD Feminised Seeds

nebula II cbd feminised seedsNebula II CBD feminised has been bred by Paradise Seeds to be a potent medical cannabis strain.

The original award-winning Nebula strain was already popular with medical users so Paradise Seeds decided to make it even more powerful medicinally by increasing the amount of CBD (cannabidiol), the substance which produces the deep body relaxation.

Nebula II CBD feminised has equal CBD and THC content (7% each), meaning that there’s little psychoactive effect in smoking or vaping it or even eating it.

Instead you’ll get a smooth deep body buzz with only a very slight mental ‘high’. (If the high is what you’re after, then you’re best to go for the original Nebula feminised seeds).

For growing, Nebula II CBD is a good “all-rounder”, growing well indoors, although it does need some management to prevent it stretching too much (Sea of Green set-ups are ideal).

Outdoors, it’s adaptable and will manage outside even in northern European climates due to its relatively short harvest period of 60 – 65 days (under 10 weeks).

Nebula II CBD gives a good harvest too, producing large highly resinous and aromatic buds, with a fruity flavour – so tasty to smoke or consume – and of course, with potent relaxing and pain-relieving benefits.

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nebula II cbd feminised seeds disclaimerPlease Note: Buying Nebula II CBD feminised seeds from Paradise Seeds Amsterdam is legal in most countries with few restrictions. Cannabis growing is allowed in a number of states as long as it is solely for ones own enjoyment.

Other jurisdictions support legislation prohibiting the growing of marijuana unless licences are obtained prior to germination.

Other countries have restrictive laws that tries to stop people from growing Nebula II CBD feminised seeds or any other kind of THC-bearing cannabis for any purpose whatsoever.

We do not pretend to be knowledgeable in cannabis legislation universally. If you have concerns regarding legislation regarding cannabis cultivation where you live we suggest you contact the appropriate regulators for clarification.

Paradise Seeds bank do not endorse whatsoever the breaking of laws. Paradise Seeds Amsterdam provide a law-abiding service informing people about the characteristics of a range of top-grade marijuana strains and offer purchase of Nebula II CBD feminised seeds and other cannabis seeds to all people legitimately allowed to purchase cannabis seeds. 

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