Opium Feminised Seeds

opium feminised seedsA High Times Cannabis Cup winner, Paradise Seeds call Opium their “Queen of Plants.”

Opium was named by Paradise Seeds after its almost narcotic like effects when smoked – an intense cerebral high full of visions and inspiration.

Due to its high THC content of 15% to 18% and effects it is also classified as a medical marijuana strain – although that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it ;-).

Opium also has one other endearing characteristic – massive buds.

Grow Opium in a sea of green in a greenhouse and you will be overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of these sticky resin-coated fragrant buds developing on every branch in a dense but productive bush.

With a high calyx to leaf ratio Opium marijuana delivers good harvests of 400 to 500 grams per plant without wasting a lot of grow room with leafy but empty branches.

With a smooth but tasty fruity taste, this Indica /Sativa hybrid has a flowering cycle of 8 to 9 weeks and is best grown indoors or in greenhouses. Opium cannabis seeds make an excellent choice if you are thinking about growing in hydroponics as it does exceptionally well in this medium.

Opium marijuana seeds are available in feminized forms to ensure you a maximum harvest for your efforts.

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opium feminised seeds disclaimerPlease Note: Purchasing Opium feminised seeds from Paradise Seeds is legal in most countries with few restrictions. Cannabis growing is tolerated in a number of countries as long as it is for personal enjoyment.

Other jurisdictions have laws prohibiting the cultivation of cannabis unless permits are obtained prior to germination. Other states have very restrictive laws that tries to prevent any of its citizens from cultivating Opium feminised seeds or alternative types of psychoactive marijuana for any reason.

We do not claim to be well-versed in marijuana laws universally. If you have any concerns regarding laws on cannabis growing where you live we suggest you get in touch with the appropriate regulators for interpretation.

Paradise Seeds bank cannot endorse in any way the breaking of laws. Paradise Seeds of Amsterdam provide a law-abiding business informing people about the qualities of various top-grade marijuana strains and provide purchase of  Opium feminised seeds and other cannabis seeds to all people legitimately entitled to purchase cannabis seeds. 

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