Original White Widow (IBL) Feminised Seeds

original white widow (ibl) feminised seedsOriginal White Widow (IBL) feminised by Paradise Seeds is an old school classic.

IBL means inbred line, and Paradise Seeds have been breeding their Original White Widow from a white widow female clone since the 90s.

It’s a strong line, they say: “a lineage that comes all the way from the original champion strain, developed by our old friend Ingemar, known by many as ‘The Father of the White Widow’.”

Legendary stuff. White Widow is said to come from a Brazilian super-sativa crossed with a southern Indian indica, the result being as powerful as a Black Widow spider but thickly coated in white resinous crystals.

For all its fearsome reputation, Original White Widow (IBL) feminised is an easy grow. Good for beginners and also popular with commercial growers since it can be accommodated well in small spaces (SoG, SCRoG, LST set-ups are all good), flowering in 8-9 weeks.

Outdoors it’ll grow to over 2 metres tall, giving bumper harvests in southern areas whilst also being hardy enough to grow outside in northern European climates.

As for its smoke, well Original White Widow (IBL) is a strong one, the indica body stone being perhaps the most potent aspect. Be ready.

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