Pandora Autoflowering Feminised Seeds

pandora autoflowering feminised seeds“No doubt currently the best automatic in the world”, say Paradise Seeds of their Pandora automatic. Named after the greek goddess, for her feminised perfection, Pandora is the cream of the burgeoning autoflowering crop.

Ruderalis genes make Pandora autoflowering, but she’s mostly Indica, similar to Afghani and Spoetnik varieties.

Pandora autofem is fairly compact in stature, growing up to 90cm indoors, 1.2 metres outdoors. In Northern latitudes, you can start this automatic in May and she’ll be ready in July. The further south you go, the more harvests of Pandora auto you can get per season (or all year round in the tropics).

Pandora autoflowering is ready to harvest in just 65 days (9 weeks) indoors, maybe an extra 10 days (11 weeks) outdoors. Pandora’s buds are long and dense, with a thick layer of resin, adding up to a sizeable yield of up to 450g per sq. metre indoors / 100g per plant outdoors. “For the indoor ganja gardener, Pandora is a dream to grow,” Paradise seeds say.

When smoked, Pandora automatic has a spicy, sweetish aroma, and with THC content of 15-18%, Pandora’s effect is a strong and long-lasting stone – relaxing and also enjoyed by medical marijuana users.

All in all, Paradise Seeds’ Pandora autoflowering feminised seeds are good ones to try or to have in your collection.

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