Paradise Seeds Sativa Champions Pack

paradise seeds sativa champions pack

Paradise Seeds Sativa Champions pack contains 6 feminised seeds from 3 award-winning Sativa strains:

  • 2 Nebula – which produces massive buds with a high THC content of 16% to 20%
  • 2 Jacky White – known for its potent but pleasant weed, predictable rapid growth and its large yields.
  • 2 Delahaze – Known for its happy, mood-enhancing highs, great for pick-me-ups and socializing.

Paradise Seeds have chosen these three strains not only because they’re their best-selling Sativa strains but also for their complementary growing characteristics which mean they can be grown together in the same set-up, i.e., growing to similar heights and with similar flowering times.

Grow these three top sativa strains indoors or outdoors and enjoy their varied, and always excellent, highs.

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