Allkush, formerly Sheherazade, Seeds

Sheherazade – now Allkush

sheherazade now allkushNamed for the heroic woman in the Arabian legend, The Thousand and One Nights, Sheherazade, now Allkush, of Paradise Seeds will takes a lot less time – finishing in 55 – 60 nights.

In the legend, the character Sheherazade saves her own life using her exceptional storytelling skills that awe the King into sparing her life and eventually taking her as his Queen.

The variety bearing her name Sheherazade (now Allkush) was developed by the famous Paradise Seeds bank and will delight you you with the promise of her potent, musky-sweet flowers, possibly making her the queen of your crop.

Sheherazade, now Allkush has been developed by Paradise Seeds from Afghan Kush as can be seen in its appearance but the Sativa influence makes itself known when smoked giving a happy cerebral high that lasts as well as a deep bodily relaxation. The flavor and smell is heavy and sweet.

Perfect for indoor growing Sheherazade/Allkush cannabis stays on the squat side with few branches reaching out. It’s mainly a one-stem plant with a huge top flower cluster – yielding on average some 400+ grams per plant.

Outside, Allkush / Sheherazade can grow to a maximum height of 2 meters with few leaves and many buds developing along the branches.

Indoor or outdoors, this special cannabis seed strain from Paradise Seeds delivers some some sweet smelly large buds that will keep you smoking happy for a long time.

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