Spoetnik #1 Feminised Seeds

spoetnik#1 feminised seeds
A pure Indica with rock hard buds, Spoetnik#1 still delivers a Sativa-like cerebral high that keeps your mind active and working referred to as uplifting and meditative awareness.

A slow growing strain at first, Spoetnik makes up for its tardiness later on when it virtually explodes with vigor during the final two weeks of its short 7 to 8 week flowering cycle producing super dense and potent buds (with a THC content of 15 to 18%).

The colas become long, round, hard, and sweet smelling bringing in a bounty of 450 – 500 grams of potent smoking weed per plant.

Spoetnik#1 is a hardy plant that will grow well indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. An exotic taste and a great high, Spoetnik is becoming increasing popular Paradise Seeds strain with those growers who like to have something a little different from the common strains.

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