Sweet Purple Feminised Seeds

sweet purple feminised seedsSweet Purple is a Paradise Seeds star strain that combines genes from high yielding super potent Purple strains.

This purple marijuana strain was specially bred by Paradise Seeds for outdoor temperate climates as is experienced in Ireland, the UK and Holland.

A hardy strain that is mould resistant, Sweet Purple grows and matures quickly ensuring a bountiful harvest early in the season around September / early October after a 9 week flowering cycle.

Bred to be tough, it can take to cool damp climates of Northwest Europe and still deliver and large harvest of exceptional quality. It can grow over 2 meters in size given the right conditions and deliver a huge harvest of over 1 kilo of of great smoking purple buds per plant.

Sweet Purple is a predominantly Indica hybrid with dense buds containing an average 15% THC content. The effect when smoked is strong but relaxing and promoting your powers of concentration.

Like all great purple strains, Sweet Purple has a smooth and pleasant herbal taste described by some as having a mint-like smell.

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sweet purple feminised seeds disclaimerPlease Note: Purchasing Sweet Purple feminised seeds from Paradise Seeds is legal in most countries with few restrictions.

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