Wappa Feminised Seeds

wappa feminised seedsWappa is an Indica marijuana strain that has been specially bred to deliver the goods on small spaces.

This is one strain you can keep pruned down tt little more than a foot high (30 cm) and it will still develop into a compact bush of dense fruity buds of potent weed. This aspect makes Wappa a perfect choice for growers with limited grow spaces. Having a high bud to leaf ration, Wappa can still deliver 300+ grams per plant in this miniature condition, and far more if allowed to grow to a larger stature.

With an average THC content of 15% to 18%, Wappa weed produces a strong and long lasting high that is both tranquil and clear in a slight narcotic sense – as is the case with all pure Indica cannabis. The taste is smooth and fruity. Paradise Seeds say this one’s a good day time smoke, with a “benign power”…

Wappa is a stout and stable Indica that can be counted on to deliver. Its flowering cycle lasts for 8 to 9 weeks and it grows well in greenhouses or indoor grow rooms. It is an easy strain to grow and delivers great harvest every time.

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